Developers info

How to get started

We are planning to provide information for developers (like API description etc.) soon. For now, please join our mailing list by sending a letter to with "subscribe" in a Subject field. Then you can ask questions and receive answers from developers of JAMin, take part in discussions and most effeciently use your experience to make JAMin better.

Anyway, if you're planning to contribute to JAMin, you will need to read its source code. It is always better to look at the latest code. Please read the following chapter to find out, how to grab the most recent development tree version.

CVS access info

If you want to stay on the bleeding edge, you can download the most recent code from CVS.

go to xterm or any other terminal:

cvs login

when asked for password just press [Enter] key and then

cvs -z3 co -P jamin

After checkouting CVS you can just use:

cvs -z3 up -Pd .

in the main JAMin directory to update your CVS snapshot.

We must confess that Sourceforge is known to have lags between anonymous access tree (the method above is describing grabbing code from it) and developers tree (when authorized developers can commit changes themselves) updates. So if you have anonymous access to JAMin's CVS and you are reading a 5 minutes old letter with words like "Hey, dudes, I've just committed supermegafeature that will rock the world!!!", it means that you will actually have to wait from several minutes to several hours for these changes to appear.

Developers access is granted to those contributors, who have proved their experience by sending sane and easy readable patches that don't break the whole thing down. There are no special rites of giving developers privilegies — it usually happens naturally, when our lead developer gets tired of reading your nice long patches and politely asks you to start committing it yourself now. But if you want rites, we don't mind you banging in a bongo :)