20th, April 2005

JAMin 0.95.0 is released. Changes include:

  1. Bug fixes
    • resolve GUI hang in meter widget
    • allow multiple JAMin instances (needs a fast CPU)
    • eliminate low frequency distortion problem
  2. Compatibility with recent CVS versions of JACK
    • still works with older versions of JACK, but earlier JAMin versions will not work with the next JACK (0.101.0) release
    • uses new jack_client_open() interface, if available
    • starts JACK server automatically, if not already running
    • supports multiple JACK server instances
    • creates multiple JAMin instances automatically
  3. User interface improvements
    • bypass button is red now, when selected
    • redesigned preferences dialog
    • peak resets (right click) in all meters
    • new About dialog
    • better i18n support
    • updated Russian message translations

7th, March 2005

New web-site is on-line. For now it's static and HTML 4.01 + CSS 2.1 just in sake of compatibility with poor excuse for a browser. A browser for life is available down the page. We will probably make this site dynamic in the future. Tell us (in the mailing list), if you wish to volunteer for this task.

The previous version of this web-site is here:

Amateur archeologists might be interested in the very first version of this web-site:

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